How to start a SEO company 2019

In this Articles as we promissed you in one of our articles , we will talk today about starting a SEo business as a SEO company .

So Before doing any paperwork and before applying for any agreement , you have first to know what you are going to do , you have to get the needed knowledge about the techniques of SEO , or if you are going to recrute someone that another story . but we recommande taking some coures on how to rank a website ,just to know all the steps needed for such a busness .

After creating a company website , i recommande that the website is well optimised , because the custumers will see how good the company are in SEO , just by visiting company’s website .

On of the big mistakes that SEO starters do is that they think that there custumers do know nothing about SEO , which is not ture .You will meet so many different people they are more powerful than you especially at the begining , also you will meet some who do not care to know about SEO , they are waiting just results .

Talking about results , some of your customers will try to contract with you by results , means orders or sales , which is not good for you especially as a starter , never choose sales or optins as target , as a seo company you target is getting the customer on top 10 of google page , on the keywords agreed , nothing more than that otherwise your custumers will start moving to another company .go

I whish you got the idea , as you see here we didn’t mention any technical informations about starting a sEO company , we tryed just the give an overview about this topic and mores technical details will come after this poste.

Just follow our blog postes if you are intersted on SEO topics .

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