Seo what is the story behind it ?

SEO or search engine optimization , means that you are going to use many techniques in order to optimise your website , to rank higher on search engines.

Of course it time to be ranked especially on google Engine , but what make search engine more powerful thank any oder marketing ways , is that the user is so hot , he is searching for something and that something is on your website.

The other Marketing ways has a very weak percentage of converting the user to buyer , that’s way the majority of big companies , reserve a big budget for SEO .

Now you understund how importance is SEO , it’s time for you to start learning the techniques od SEO , in order to start making some money.

Learning SEO will open a big doors for you to start making money , either by creating and ranking you own websites , or providing a SEO services on some platformes as a freelancer , or start a company that take cares of SEO works for other companies .

Lets say that you are going to start a busness as SEO company , here you have first to rank some good websites as a portofolio , to gain trust from your future custumers .

Than you have go for some specific niches , like CarRental , vacation rantals, restaurant , Advocat , Doctors , you have to choose 5 to domaines to dominate that niche , beacuse you will know how defficul to rank for a particular word , and also you will have an estimation about the duration , because its vey important , before closing any deal with any custumer .

We will talk in more details about that topic on another poste and we will link here .

But for now the most impotant is that you have to start learning , start practissing . one of the bigest issue of SEO is that whene you are proctissing you do not see results stright away , it time take , so to know whats working or whats not working you have to test and wait .

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