Successful SEO Website 2019

How to start a susscessful Seo Website in 2019 ?

probabbly this is one of the most wanted question for many online internet marketing .

To start a good SEO website in 2019 here is the guide :

1- pick up a niche : there is many ways to help you pick up a niche , starting from Good trends and finishing by asking your self what you are good at .what ever the niche that you feel good to start you have also to believe on that niche in order to be able to go on that busness.

2- pick up the main keyword and some extras keywords for picking up the best keywords , you can use google keyword planner tool , its easy to find the keywords related to your niche , but need just time to search .

3- create good content , the content is the king , so to have a success busness you to give some more valuable , and to create new and fresh content you have to like the niche that you want go for.You can also hire people to create content for you .

4- do some on page SEO : On page seo is any optimization of the title and secription H1 tag and tags .means that you have to put the main keyword on the title have some density of the keyword on the body page , and if you are using wordpress , you have to fill the tags fild also you have to do some in site linking , it’s the linking between poste and another poste of yours .

5- do some off page SEO : here you have to do some promotions for your website in others people websites , what was famous by backlinkings , they must be normale , beacause if google cash that will send the website to sand box .

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